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Xiaomi Mi Drone is affordable price for a 4K quadcopter

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Today is that the big day where we are attending to conduct a new product from Xiaomi
if you don’t know about Xiaomi i would like to give you short description
Xiaomi company Chinese company succeed to be one of the best technology company Xiaomi became the world’s most valuable technology start-up after it received US$1.1 billion funding from investors, making Xiaomi’s valuation more than US$46 billion
they offer many of mobiles , cameras and tablets you can read more

Now they surprise everyone with the new product of Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K !!! yes
it’s not only this the price is unbelievable amazing about 345 Euro only




HD 4K camera supports max to 3840 x 2160p / 30fps video recording

Pointing Flight / Tap to Fly

Real-time Transmission

Surrounded Flight

Route Planning

3 Axis Gimbal for stable video

One key automatic taking off / return / landing, real-time electric quantity monitoring and low-voltage return warning

Automatic Hover Located by dual satellites, with the help of its camera system,Mi Drone hovers accurately


Route Planning Plan and preset your flight line , Mi Drone will fly in accordance with the planning route you will never loose your drone


Surrounded flight Pick what you wanna record or take photos 360 degree and let your drone do it alone


Pointing Flight order your drone to where you pointed in the map easy controlling with the smart phone app


one of the best plus for this drone that help all beginners pilot

one key auto return with this button your drone will back to you so no worries mate


The camera looks amazing with 3 axis gamble that it help for the bet stable videos

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Real time Transmission

the build in phone holder of the transmitter and professional PCB antenna facilitates wifi FPV function

Max to 450 Frequency hopping accesses ensures a high anti interference performance and powerful signal 

also the max to 3km superior long control distance ensures the good performance

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Right now you they didn’t release yet to the public but soon they will release with this amazing price so you don’t need to pay 1500euro for a good drone

here is your solution just wait this perfect drone .

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