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How To Promote Your Website To Get Quality Audience

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As we all know any website is just lifeless if it does not have any visitors. Increasing traffic or visitors to your website/blog is very important in order to increase your websites’ return of investment or to gain a good following or readership. In order to gain either ROI or followers you must make your website popular first or known to the online community.

This is why search engine optimization experts like Globalseoexpert.com, are certain that SEO is one of the needs of those who engage their business online as it is one of the methods that will help market your website to the online community. Sometimes however, budget constraints prevent website owners from investing in SEO or in other methods of online marketing.

The internet is a sea of possibilities among such possibility is the promotion of a website for free, provided you could write great contents that would help promote your website. The following are some tips that would help you to promote your website for free:

1. Promote your site via social media –
Social media is increasingly popular. With the presence of social media giants like Facebook and Twitter gives you the opportunity to make your website popular or known to a lot of your friends and followers. Write teasers about your website content in your Facebook status and then post your websites link to allow your friends to read more about such topic in your website. Tweet about images or contents about your website and you will reach a good amount of followers.

To increase the number of people visiting your website and to keep them updated about your website you should create a fan page for your website and incorporate a like box in your website which visitors could click adding them to your sphere of fans. On top of that Facebook could provide you with an analytics that will help you track your progress with regards to increasing your fans and followers.

2. Write articles and submit them to article directories –
Writing relevant content about your website could be very useful especially if you submit them to different article directories. Article directories like Ezine has a good readership following and many scour such article directory as their web resource.

Apart from increasing links pointing to your website, the article directories are easily indexed by Google thus your article could rank in Google’s SERP and be a gateway for your websites’ traffic.

3. Increase your reputation by Guest Blogging –
There are several websites that would require articles in their blogs because of the fact that the owner does not have the time to incorporate content to their own website. This is why website owners offer guest blogging where those who are experts in the field related to the site theme can write and post valuable articles which would benefit the site owner in keeping their website’s content fresh.

On the other hand the guest blogger can incorporate a link or two in his or her blog post which could mean a backlink is created pointing to the guest bloggers’ own website.

These are just some of the different ways for your to market your website for free, just make sure that you can create quality content which you can use when promoting your website via the different methods stated above. Feel free to visit and consult our Digital Marketing Expert at Globalseoexpert.com.

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